Welcome to the Institute for Reflective Practice Home Page

The primary mission of the TENN Teaching and Learning Center Institute for Reflective Practice (IRP) is to promote reflective practice (RP) by individuals and organizations served by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Its service is based on the belief that addressing and managing change in individual lives and organizations demands flexible thinking processes by persons capable of proactive interpersonal communication.

The UT IRP serves individuals, groups of employees, volunteers, and constituencies of public and private businesses, educational institutions, professional organizations, government agencies, and other community organizations. Its principal clients include child welfare organizations; Tennessee’s Rule 31 Mediators, attorneys, and their professional associations; and k-12 school districts in various areas of the state. The Director of the IRP also contributes to TENN TLC on-campus workshops and faculty consultations, as well as to the TENN TLC’s learning communities and day-to-day staff interactions.


You can reach us by Email address: irp@utk.edu

or by Phone: (865) 974-3807